Sidney Hurwitz

Put art, theater, music, and outdoor adventure on your itinerary for the weekend. We think you’ll find it refreshing. Here are some of the entertainment highlights coming to a location near you.


Two new theater productions, a new storytelling series, a peace concert, and a permaculture film screening are among the highlights of this weekend’s events on the Seacoast. Learn more here.

Shout Mod Musical

Many Seacoast residents are looking to spend the weekend doing anything that might distract them from politics. Others, though, are hoping to make their voices. Fortunately, there are good options for both groups. Check out our top-five roundup.

Metamorphoses at NHTP

This weekend’s entertainment options include ice dancing and belly dancing, theatric storytelling and jazz improvising. Plus we’ve got a special non-weekend event on our top-five list. Get the details here.

Mad Haus

It’s the first weekend of what we all hope will be a year of progress, harmony, creativity, and good times. You can start working toward these goals this weekend by experiencing art, theater, music, and more at venues across the Seacoast. Here are some of the highlights.

New Year's Even top 10 featured

Sumptuous dinners, dance parties, and comedy festivals are among the entertainment options on New Year's Eve. As you plan the evening’s debauchery, here are some highlights to consider.

Things to Do Dec. 15

Don’t let the cold stop you from having a good time. We are New Englanders. We put on long johns and we endure. And whether you crave music, poetry, theater, comedy, film, or some combination thereof, the Seacoast has something to offer this weekend. Here are a few of the highlights.

Holiday Gift Guide

Sustainable style writer Jennifer Moore compiles a list of fun and unique holiday gift items that can be purchased on the Seacoast.

Tote Around Town

There are all kinds of craft fairs and other holiday sales events happening between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Here are a few of the highlights coming up this long weekend, offering unique gifts from local businesses and artisans.

Billy Butler Portsmouth Halloween Parade

With the 22nd annual Portsmouth Halloween Parade drawing nigh, Grand Marshals past and present share the stories behind their costumes and reminisce about the revelry of their years at the helm.