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Throwback Brewery co-owner Nicole Carrier

Blueberry beer has long been a popular option on summer tap lists in New England. But regional breweries are doing increasingly innovative things with this native berry.

Jack Van Paepeghemg of Oxbow Brewing Co. in Portland, Maine, is one of just six people who has earned Cicerone’s Advanced certification

Since launching in 2008, the Cicerone Certification Program has churned out servers trained in best beer-service practices and cherry picked a handful of top beer professionals that are being compared with the Master Sommeliers of the wine world.

Beer on the shelves at Walmart, including the faux-craft product Cat's Away IPA

The wealth of beer options on the Seacoast and across the country can have negative consequences for small brewers, especially when Big Beer gets in the game.

The former Prime Tanning facilities are well-suited for a brewery, according to town officials.

Berwick, from the old Norse, translates to “Barley Village.” It’s fitting, then, that this small Maine town’s plan for revitalization centers around a craft beer brewery.

Megan McNeil of Louie's prepares an Inside Job

Unusual liquors, house-made ingredients, and multiple layers of flavor are bringing fresh life to cocktails, but Seacoast establishments are doing so with a heavy nod to old-school bar classics.

At left, Nicole Gray of Garrison City Beerworks. At right, Nate Sephton and Josh Henry of 7th Settlement Brewery. photos by Michael Penney

Local photographer Michael Penney reveals the people behind the beer with his regional brewer portraits.

UNH brewing seminar

The University of New Hampshire has announced plans for a slate of beer programs, as well as a testing lab and on-site pilot plant.

beer app icons

It’s 2016. Shouldn’t you have access to all things beer right from your smartphone? Here are some of the best beer apps on the market today.