USS Springfield

Adding a little extra excitement to the latest edition of Port Watch is the arrival late last week of the USS Springfield, a nuclear-powered attack submarine undergoing maintenance work and system certifications at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. There are also a few cargo ships scheduled to arrive in port this week.

tanker New England

A tanker came and went over the weekend, but no other ships are currently scheduled to arrive at the Port of New Hampshire. Here are the details on that tanker.

Reinauer Twins

A tanker came and went over the weekend, and a shipment of heating oil is due to arrive Wednesday. Other than that, it’s looking like a quiet Thanksgiving week at the Port of New Hampshire. Details in this week's edition of Port Watch.

Harbour Feature

The Sprague terminal has a steady flow of ships coming and going early this week. Later in the week, a yet-to-be-identified cable ship will be coming to port. Here’s what we know so far.

Trump protest Portsmouth

Scenes from the protest against President-elect Donald Trump in Portsmouth's Market Square on Sunday.

Barack Obama rally

The election on Nov. 8 included many surprising results. Here are some of the interesting takeaways from Election Day in New Hampshire, which experienced record voter turnout.

Barack Obama

In what was likely his final visit to New Hampshire as president Monday, Barack Obama urged guests at the University of New Hampshire to vote for Hillary Clinton and other Democrats on election day.

Palanca Muscat

It's expected to be a fairly quiet week at the Port of New Hampshire, except for the arrival of one enormous tanker. Get the details in this week's edition of Port Watch.

Great Eastern

The tug Ruth Reinauer guided the barge RTC 102 into port with a load of heating oil this morning, and the tanker Great Eastern follows with heating oil and diesel on Wednesday. Get the details in the latest edition of Port Watch.

CSL Tarantau

The center span of the Sarah Mildred Long Bridge was removed on Friday night, and it’s back to business as usual at the port. A gypsum ship arrives today, and a salt ship departs tomorrow, with another tanker scheduled to arrive on Friday.